026 Northern Tregor in the past - ac Eric Keraudren

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Essai paru en mai 2022 – Le Cormoran

Have you ever read a book on the history of Tregor in English? Maybe, but then it’s a book to discover.
In 2009 I published Tréguier Autrefois. But it wasn’t really an English book, only a few captions were in that language. It was about photographs and postcards on the city. At the time I had captioned many views in English, but the book quickly sold out. I continued my historical exercise by writing about the villages of Penvénan, Pleumeur-Gautier, Pontrieux, Minihy, Tréguier and others.
But I no longer translated photos from those books into English. Today I am embarking with my old friend Eric Keraudren who lives in Los Angeles to write this book.
We have therefore reworked the photos of the above villages to help you better understand their stories and legends. This nice book will allow our English-speaking friends to discover our region in the past. A Region where you are welcome.
So we are going to take a ride in the Tregor. Let’s explore the Tregor in the past…

Northern Tregor in the past… format A5 paysage 140 pages tout en couleurs. + de 100 illustrations.

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